Over the last few years, pursuant to the Investment Incentives Act, we filed applications for our clients who were granted the right to a reduction of the corporate tax rate during 10 years of operations, in the amount of HRK 187,000,000 in subsidies.

In this case, as opposed to non-refundable EU funds, the money is not transferred to the company’s account, but the clients are granted the right to reduced payments of corporate tax, which they can use over the years. To what extent will the client exercise these rights will depend on whether or not they meet the requirements and maintain the certain business characteristics. The beneficiaries are production companies, tourist and catering industry, and providers of high value-added services.

Moneo team guides its clients from the initial idea to the realisation of investment, communicates with authorities and regularly files annual reports during the tax incentives use period. We shall continue to support our current and future clients in the realisation of their business successes and in the improvement of quality and competitiveness of Croatian economy through the programme for the use of tax incentives.

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